Meet the Team!

Xin chào! My name is Emily! I was born and raised in San Diego, California! I am definitely a California girl at heart, but after finishing my freshman year at Seattle Pacific, Seattle has captured my heart as well! I just finished my freshman year at SPU, and next year I will continue on in my education in hopes of doing speech therapy.

       If you would have asked me two years ago where I would be and where I was attending college I would have never said Seattle or anywhere on the Northwest. But here I am, and I am loving it. I never considered going to SPU until my senior year of high school where I received an email from them regarding the school. I decided to apply and ended up attending. This just goes to show that God does have a plan for me and everything happens for a reason, because I could not see myself anywhere else within this past year. My year at SPU has brought so many new friendships, experiences, memories, and most of all opportunities like SPRINT.

     I have never traveled outside the country, but traveling has always been a desire and passion for me. When I heard about SPRINT I immediately applied. Vietnam was one of my top two choices because I knew it was a country that was very foreign and would challenge me the most, which is what I wanted. When I got the cal regarding being accepted I was thrilled. I was a little hesitant as to fundraising, but I knew it would make the story better if I went so I took on 2 new jobs and paid the full amount for the trip.

     If I had to describe myself in three words I would have to say accepting, easy going, and kind hearted. Technically those five words but they definitely describe me and my personality. I do have a very bubbly side as well which has encouraged me to be very involved in school and the community. During high school I played volleyball and lacrosse and was very active in student government. I was class president my senior year and planned a lot of events that occurred through out the year. My desire to stay involved is another factor that influenced me to go on a SPRINT trip. I love to serve and give back so I thought this would be an exciting way to travel while serving God as well. I am hoping that this trip will give me the experience to immerse myself in another culture and challenge myself. I also know it will start the beginning of the traveling bug and hopefully influence me to do more outreach programs like SPRINT.

      I am hoping my travel experiences and baggage claim go good as well. A lot of my most embarrassing moments happen while traveling, and my most recent one occurred when I cam back to Seattle after winter break. I went to go grab my suitcase at luggage claim when all my delicates fell out of the side pocket of my suitcase because the zipper broke. A little embarrassed I packed them back in quickly thinking no one saw. As I stood with my friend waiting for her bag to arrive there were scattered pairs of underwear on the carousel. Of course it was mine, my friend knew and I knew it! I was so embarrassed and was laughing so hard that I couldn’t move so my friend ended up grabbing them and handing them to me. Thankfully, they my cute delicates but needless to say I have learned from this moment and I am hoping it will  not happen again especially in Vietnam.





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