July 4th fun

Hello, friends!

This is Owen, with a quick update.  The team’s having a great time with Fisher’s Superkids English Center, but they’ve been less successful in getting posts to show up on the blog.  (They promise me they’ve tried…)

Here’s a quick recap, gleaned from Facebook posts.  This week the team was joined by two other SPU students, Elissa and Jane, who were members of last year’s Vietnam SPRINT team.  Jane and Elissa will spend the next year as teacher interns with Superkids.  This return visit testifies to the strength of this partnership and the impact of the experience on SPU students, I think.

Here’s a recap of the team’s Fourth of July adventures in Danang:

We’re not even in the states, and I had the coolest 4th of July ever. We spent all day teaching, then went with Jane, Elissa and Nguyen for all-American pizza at “Pizza Hug.”   We then got a cake and had “Happy Birthday, America!” written on it, and proceeded to eat it on the beach while singing patriotic songs. Our only fireworks were a little a capella Katy Perry and the sound of crashing waves. Pretty perfect, if I do say so.

Thanks for your support of this team!



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