Our last week…

Well, friends… This is it. We’ve reached our final week here in Vietnam, and emotions are definitely all across the board. We can’t believe eight weeks are behind us, and we have one more to have as much fun as possible, but sadly say very emotional goodbyes. 

Since our last blog update, not much has happened. We have spent a lot of time volunteering at Bread of Life, as well as having two thirty-minute sessions, three times a week, at a local kindergarten. We have also started working with a group of 12 dynamic, amazing, and loving orphan girls from the local Vietnamese Christian church. We spend 90 minutes with them, three times a week, talking and playing games. This week we are spending time making prayer bracelets so they will always have a beautiful reminder that they are loved, and they have friends who are there to always support them. 

Our classes wrap up this Wednesday with “Parent Meetings.” We are both a little nervous for this! It’s a culmination of all we have taught our students, and they must showcase this in front of their parents. Doesn’t sound all that bad, but when so much pressure is put on the kids by their families, it’s a little nerve-wracking for them— And us! We have some fun activities planned, so we are praying it goes well. 

On 5 August, it was the birthday of our Vietnamese Partner (VP), Hao! She turned 23, even though she keeps saying she is old! We took her out for dinner at Bread of Life and afterwards, we celebrated with cake on the walkways overlooking the Han River. It is days that like that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. The relationships we have built here have been life-changing, and we know it will be hard to say goodbye because we have all grown so close. We know that God has brought us all together at this time for a specific reason, and we cannot wait until He brings us all together again.

This whole trip has been an amazing testimony to the strength of God’s love. The purpose of our mission was ‘Character development through English language’ so our progress, our success at this mission, wasn’t tangible. We came into this trip with a unique challenge, and that was to show the people of Vietnam the love of God not by what we could do for them, but by what we could do with them. Over the course of four weeks, with Emily and Charlotte, the amount of love and positive energy that existed in our classrooms was amazing, and we could see, by the end of their course, that they had learned a lot of English! And over the course of these last four weeks, God has shown us how relationships outside of the classroom can make just as much of an impact on our mission here. 

I think I can speak on behalf of this whole team in saying that God is good, and this trip has made a profound impact on our lives, and the way we see His beautiful creation. We feel like we have completed our mission here, as we believe we have made a way for His love to shine through us in all that we have done. 

Thank you all for your continuous love, support, and excitement for us on this trip, and we look forward to coming home to tell stories of all our adventures, and of the good work God is doing here in Vietnam.

Peace and blessings, 

Kate and Christine 


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