July 4th fun

Hello, friends!

This is Owen, with a quick update.  The team’s having a great time with Fisher’s Superkids English Center, but they’ve been less successful in getting posts to show up on the blog.  (They promise me they’ve tried…)

Here’s a quick recap, gleaned from Facebook posts.  This week the team was joined by two other SPU students, Elissa and Jane, who were members of last year’s Vietnam SPRINT team.  Jane and Elissa will spend the next year as teacher interns with Superkids.  This return visit testifies to the strength of this partnership and the impact of the experience on SPU students, I think.

Here’s a recap of the team’s Fourth of July adventures in Danang:

We’re not even in the states, and I had the coolest 4th of July ever. We spent all day teaching, then went with Jane, Elissa and Nguyen for all-American pizza at “Pizza Hug.”   We then got a cake and had “Happy Birthday, America!” written on it, and proceeded to eat it on the beach while singing patriotic songs. Our only fireworks were a little a capella Katy Perry and the sound of crashing waves. Pretty perfect, if I do say so.

Thanks for your support of this team!



Quick update!

Hey guys! Heres another update on our adventures here in Vietnam. The last couple of days have been awesome and we have experienced our first rainfall in Vietnam. It is not the usual weather for this time of year, but we definitely loved it 🙂 we have been trying new foods, going new places, and we are growing together in our faith and in our friendships.






Relaxing on day two

We got up this morning in time to be at work by 0800, only to find the school closed. To our surprise, our class was canceled! So we met up with Teresa and her kids for a tasty American breakfast of eggs, bread, and a few new Vietnamese fruits. We also got to try a few traditional dishes; some included mushrooms, shrimp, and soy rice. It was really good! After Kate helped tune Sarah’s guitar, we headed to the beach where we spent the afternoon relaxing, swimming, and enjoying each other’s company 🙂




Our first day!

We taught our first class this morning, and we had a great time; it was a learning experience for the kids and us both. After 45 or so minutes, we started to get a hang of what we were doing, and we are definitely excited about our classes to come. This afternoon, we spent the time walking around the area close to the hotel and school. We had pho at a local favorite, then went and had fruit juice and coffee in a beautiful Chinese garden. Now, it’s time to relax and catch a little bit of sleep before our final class of the day! 🙂




We made it!

Hi everyone! We made it to Danang! 😀 after over 30 hours of travel, we are very grateful to have arrived safely, even though we are exhausted. Hai took us around the city for a quick visit and dinner; we will never think people in America drive crazy again! The streets are flooded with mopeds and honking horns, some sporting a family of four! It certainly is crazy to see 🙂




They’ve arrived!

Hello friends!

The team has arrived safely in Danang. Here’s an update from Hai Huynh, their host:

Hi Owen!

The girls got here safely about three hours ago. I just took them to dinner and then some cake 🙂 They are back at the hotel to rest and will start the first class at 8:30am tomorrow and then one more at 5:30 pm. Friday till Sunday not much activities except that we’ll meet to talk about what other things they might want to be involved in while here.

I’ll keep you posted of how things go but they all seem very excited!

Thanks for your support of these students!


They’re off!

This evening Christine, Charlotte, Kate and Emily met at SeaTac Airport to begin their adventure to Vietnam. They’ll fly to Los Angeles, then catch the plane to Danang by way of Taipei and Ho Chi Minh City.

They’ll keep us updated through this blog. If you have questions in the meantime, please give me a call at (206) 427-1296.

Thanks for supporting these students!

Owen Sallee
SPRINT Advisor


Meet the Team!

Xin chào! My name is Emily! I was born and raised in San Diego, California! I am definitely a California girl at heart, but after finishing my freshman year at Seattle Pacific, Seattle has captured my heart as well! I just finished my freshman year at SPU, and next year I will continue on in my education in hopes of doing speech therapy.

       If you would have asked me two years ago where I would be and where I was attending college I would have never said Seattle or anywhere on the Northwest. But here I am, and I am loving it. I never considered going to SPU until my senior year of high school where I received an email from them regarding the school. I decided to apply and ended up attending. This just goes to show that God does have a plan for me and everything happens for a reason, because I could not see myself anywhere else within this past year. My year at SPU has brought so many new friendships, experiences, memories, and most of all opportunities like SPRINT.

     I have never traveled outside the country, but traveling has always been a desire and passion for me. When I heard about SPRINT I immediately applied. Vietnam was one of my top two choices because I knew it was a country that was very foreign and would challenge me the most, which is what I wanted. When I got the cal regarding being accepted I was thrilled. I was a little hesitant as to fundraising, but I knew it would make the story better if I went so I took on 2 new jobs and paid the full amount for the trip.

     If I had to describe myself in three words I would have to say accepting, easy going, and kind hearted. Technically those five words but they definitely describe me and my personality. I do have a very bubbly side as well which has encouraged me to be very involved in school and the community. During high school I played volleyball and lacrosse and was very active in student government. I was class president my senior year and planned a lot of events that occurred through out the year. My desire to stay involved is another factor that influenced me to go on a SPRINT trip. I love to serve and give back so I thought this would be an exciting way to travel while serving God as well. I am hoping that this trip will give me the experience to immerse myself in another culture and challenge myself. I also know it will start the beginning of the traveling bug and hopefully influence me to do more outreach programs like SPRINT.

      I am hoping my travel experiences and baggage claim go good as well. A lot of my most embarrassing moments happen while traveling, and my most recent one occurred when I cam back to Seattle after winter break. I went to go grab my suitcase at luggage claim when all my delicates fell out of the side pocket of my suitcase because the zipper broke. A little embarrassed I packed them back in quickly thinking no one saw. As I stood with my friend waiting for her bag to arrive there were scattered pairs of underwear on the carousel. Of course it was mine, my friend knew and I knew it! I was so embarrassed and was laughing so hard that I couldn’t move so my friend ended up grabbing them and handing them to me. Thankfully, they my cute delicates but needless to say I have learned from this moment and I am hoping it will  not happen again especially in Vietnam.